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Nevatim is a program
of the Jewish Agency
for Israel

Nevatim program promotes initiatives for Jewish informal education in Germany, Austria, and Central European Countries. We support committed young people who want to make Jewish life in Germany more social, interesting and attractive with their ideas and projects. It is a program that has significantly shaped the landscape of Jewish engagement and the diversity of the Jewish community in Germany. Around 300 projects have been supported in the past 10 years, exclusively by young adults for their peers, their communities and society in general.

The program offers financial support but also the network and training in social project management so that the projects of the young project leaders are successful and sustainable.

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International conferences

Become a part of the Europe-wide Jewish Network

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It is time for YOU  to change the world?

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Annual project competition

The best projects receive a grant


International conferences

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in Potsdam


in Düsseldorf

Over 120 participants from Germany and 13 other countries joined the event to celebrate „10 years of Nevatim, 10 years of Jewish activism, 10 years of social engagement“. We shared our projects, learned from each other, and had a blast in various workshops and activities.💡🎉

On Friday, we kicked off the conference with a Live EscapeRoom by @sabranrw followed by a series of dynamic workshops, including a dance workshop by @move.on.together, a debating club session by , a student discussion conversation by @studentim030@eujs_official (@erynsarkin ) @JSV_NRW (@cobestar ) and a refugee-related discussion with Marion Avidan from @hiaseurope .🕺💬👥

During Shabbat, we had more engaging workshops, such as de Torah from a feminist perspective with @esti.rubins , project management tips by @stanislavskibinski, and a round table discussion about Israel and the community with @Ayan0110 (@jewnovation ), @gruzmansara( ), and @katrin_ikh (Chazak Leipzig). We also had a communal prayer, delicious food and amazing farbrengen with @bneiakivade @the_wieders@nordrhein_shlichot_bna 🕯️🙏🍷

A big shoutout to all the amazing speakers who shared their expertise and passion with us!👏 You made this conference unforgettable! Can’t wait for the next one!💙 
@hiaseurope @jewishagency_germany @claims_conference 


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Under the motto "It's Time To Act", the Nevatim Conference encouraged active action.

On the occasion of today's reality, the radicalization and the increasing anti-Semitism in recent times, the Nevatim Conference supports to face the challenges of the present.

Especially considering the instability in Europe, the lack of trust in politics, the overt and complex efforts of people trying to rewrite history by denying the Holocaust. The obligation to remember historical facts obliges us to give a special expression of this important historical moment in 2021-22. We commemorated the anniversary of the Wannsee Conference in 1942 and the so-called Operation Barbarossa in 1941. These two historical events are still not part of the collective memory. Due to historical circumstances - the "Iron Curtain", the Cold War and the dynamics of international politics past and present, these horrific, monumental chapters, including some of the historically most important and tragic events during the Holocaust era, are of less importance than other events . We take this as motivation to talk about young Jewish life today and in times of crisis. Emphasis on activism and responsibility.

During the conference we will examine the question: What can we do now? What should and can we as young Jewish citizens do? One thing is definitely clear: now is the time to act! - It's time to act!

in Berlin

in Spandau, Berlin

November 9 brings with it many events in German-Jewish history. The focal points are the Reichskristallnacht in 1938 and the fall of the Wall in 1989. We took this special date from 8th to 10th November 2019 as an occasion to talk about young Jewish life in Germany today, about current identity and the relationship to Israel. Across epochs and borders, we also talked about walls and fractures and about courage and freedom from a Jewish point of view. More than 100 participants from all over Germany and Austria met in the fortress of the Spandau Citadel.

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Annual project competition

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Empowering Jewish Voices against Antisemitism 

Exclusive training for young Jewish adults on preventing and combating anti-Semitism. This international advanced training enables the acquisition of systematic and practical knowledge to combat and prevent anti-Semitism as well as in-depth knowledge of one's own tradition and identity. A particular focus is on educational work. Depending on their interests, the participants could choose between the areas of “pedagogy” and “media and politics” and, in addition to the online meetings, also met in Munich, Berlin and Brussels.

We support committed young people who want to make Jewish life in Germany more social, interesting and attractive with their ideas and projects.
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